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Events connect businesses with external stakeholders

Today's event participants are less tolerant of the gap between user experiences in their personal lives and those in their business lives.

Events were already in a transformation phase before COVID. Now, the events moving online is firmly placed on the map or at least set in a hybrid model for life. OCTA Live is an All-In-One platform to initiate, invite, conduct and generate reports of the event.

  • OCTA will play a strategic role in helping stakeholders define, set, and measure KPI and ROI for events
  • Definitive and specific event models for each sector and purpose
  • Connected to the culture of events, OCTA can instantly scale to any number of events or participants

You will be able to measure the ROI of the event, have multiple revenue sources and ensure 365 days of community engagement


Create your account

With an OTP method, you can create your account to start and attend events


Schedule an event

You can schedule an event, create multiple sessions in parallel and have the complete itinerary ready


Invite speakers and participants

Send invitations with a CSV file and a single click for events and specific sessions. You event is booked.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes OCTA will be an excellent tool for trade exhibitions where instant booth level meetings, online seminars, event lounge etc, can be managed.

  • While you on-field event is happening, we can connect the complete online world to the event not only at an event level but also at a session level.

  • Yes, our eVoting partner is Ministry of Coroporate affairs certified agency

  • You can stream all our speaker sessions to your social media accounts with a single click

  • We can plugin the event from your company website. The speaker backgrounds, complete event backgrounds, logo presence etc can be placed every where


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